Creative Native has started developing and implementing community initiatives to inspire our young people through design and creativity.

The first community project we developed was called The Roots: South Pacific Architecture, held in Otara our local community and the place we grew up. This event has been successful in terms of support, participation, contribution and funding. The impact The Roots has made on students who participated was enormous, influencing the next generation to pursue a career in the creative industry.

We plan to create a Charity called The Roots: Creative Entrepreneurs – this entity will continue the kaupapa to engage and inspire our young people of today. The Roots has lead on to other opportunities to be involved with community projects such Crosspower Ministries Trust, Ferguson Rd Playhood and Garden of Avondale which is a community-led design and build initiative.



Up and coming

Local Projects that we are currently in negotiations with are East Tamaki Primary School, Youth Town in Panmure, Ngati Otara Marae and Local Area and lately been helping Avondale Kindergarten. We have also been approached by Otahuhu College to help with their Marae Renovations in Tahuhu Wharenui.


The Roots

The overall core message was achieved, to inspire high school students to utilise their full potential to dream big and think big. We also achieved the goal to gain more awareness in the community into traditional arts, creative arts, architecture and design. Our target are the students and we gave them the opportunity to learn and create things through a design process which is essential in the real world of creativity. Also, each student gained an insight into construction, environmentally sustainable design and learned about teamwork and collaboration.
This had an enormous influence on the whole community from all walks of life. The working stations where the tribes were building was seen as a public performance of students showcasing their creative and artistic talent. The public could participate and engage with students, but also embrace and walk through the sculptures. The whole community found this to be a positive impact on the community of Otara and South Auckland.
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Garden of Avondale

The Garden of Avondale is an initiative in conjunction with the Rosebank Road ArtWalk, which is part of the 2013 Auckland Arts Festival. The Rosebank Road Art Walk was developed by Marcus Williams as a celebration of the history, place, culture, economy and the ecology of the area.
Sixteen artists will interpret these ideas through their specialized medium, where their artwork will be showcased along Rosebank Road during the Aukland Art Festival. As one of the selected artists, our form of art is community empowerment = community development, working with young people and inspiring the next generation.


Ferguson Rd Playhood

The support and opportunities provided by the Glen Family Foundation GFF to the community of Otara has created positive change in the area, this initiative has been a result of support towards community development. The Ferguson Rd Project was given birth at a community development workshop, run by Jim Diers to engage, encourage and support community ideas and projects.
The visionary and dedicated community member Vanessa Naden, saw a need, and created an opportunity for her idea to come into fruition. Her idea was supported by GFF, Local Community members, Manukau Police, Manukau Beautification Trust, Otara Health, Otara Neighborhood Watch and Creative Native, to develop a community Playground, utilising an abandon site, that is owned by HNZC.
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